Smoking weed with the president of Uruguay.


Vice went to Uruguay to talk cannabis with the first president to have legalized the green plant.

At the end of 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana. VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu visited Uruguay to see how the country is adapting to a marijuana market regulated by law.

On the way, he meets Uruguay President José Mujica to burn a fat one, and talk about the president’s goal of putting a chicken in each pot, a car in each garage and six cannabis plants in each household.

As a reminder, four varieties are available for sale in small packets of 5 grams, at $ 1.40 per gram. Each consumer, once registered, can buy 40 grams per month. Only Uruguayan citizens or those with a residence permit can register. To date, Uruguay has nearly 7,000 home-growing farmers, 107 cannabis clubs and 28,500 legal consumers, which is six times the number registered for the first day of sales, according to official figures.

Find on our site the portrait of the president José Mujica, by our correspondent in Uruguay right here.


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