The 6 best places to be high in public .

You’ve turned grey from spending too much time on the sofa. It’s time to take a breather and regain some of those colours! But where to go? Where are the ‘stoner-friendly’ places to avoid paranoia attacks? Here are the best 6 places to be high in public.

Number 6: In a square
It’s the most obvious place, after all, it’s always nice to sit on some grass to smoke one.The reason why squares are so far down the list is simple: squares are unfortunately filled with kids. Little creatures that are after all very nice, but make LOTS of noise and could ask awkward questions about your choice of consumption for the day.
The writer’s tip: Squares are risky since there is a lot of surveillance. It’s better to chill there with a drink once you’ve already had your smoke at home.

Number 5: Next to a hotel swimming pool
If you have the means to do it, there are a number of luxury hotels which propose private swimming pools with a bar and beautiful women. The author of this article loves being stoned by the pool. The problem is that he’s far too broke to let go of so much cash, which is necessary to be part of the jet-setter lifestyle.
The writer’s tip: Date a rich person. If you have rich friends, they can also invite you. All the private clubs allow a +1 per member.

Number 4: In an arcade
If you’re feeling energetic, arcades are true numerical treats. You can dance like in the 00’s, shoot zombies or have fun with VR. Arcades are a great experience for stoners thanks to a bombardment of permanent information.  Watch out for your timing, because like with squares, you are in the kingdom of noisy kids.
The writer’s tip: Sunglasses to hide your red eyes and a large soda will bring you joy for an afternoon of flashbacks.

Number 3: In an amusement park
If you’re tired of going to an amusement park and seeing the same thing each time, we highly recommend… going back high! Thanks to cannabis, the songs are no longer annoying, they become iconic, the attractions are no longer predictable but enchanting. A great occasion to go back to your childhood.
The writer’s tip: Access is riddled with security; it might be best to try spacecakes or edibles for your trip. Once you’re in you’ll be protected by the masses.

Number 2: In a festival
It’s obviously the best place to smoke with friends, whether the line-up is reggae or rock. Most of the big festivals are very tolerant to the smell of weed. Ask the usual suspects where the most appropriate place to smoke is before getting your buzz on.
The writer’s tip: Bring food, food stalls are very expensive at festivals and munchies await you.

Number 1: At a barbeque with friends
If you’re lucky to have friends with a small garden, nothing beats a joint with the fam’ in the sun. A great opportunity to munch on some hot dogs and make new friends.
The writer’s tip: Don’t be selfish, bring food and drinks.


Mike Teeve


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