A ultimate guide and selection of the best home vaporizers.


If during your childhood Alice in Wonderland’s smoking caterpillar was a source of fascination, rejoice! Today’s technology has turn  your fantasy into reality, thanks to the home weed vaporizers (and our epic selection ).

A vaporizer is a device that uses hot air at high temperature to create a cannabis infused steam. No tobacco, no combustion, quite an ideal choice for sensitive lungs, athletes, or just for every enthusiast wishing to make the most out of his cannabis.  After all, there is no better way to enjoy a premium weed than having it with no interferences and little or no loss.

The Classic. The Volcano classic (€319, for dry weed only).
The Volcano is a high quality grade vaporizer manufactured by Storz and Bickel, a top notch brand that owns a well deserved reputation on this market. As a fun trivia, on HBO’s « bored   to death », the characters are using a Volcano.  Which doesn’t come as a surprise, since it’s so easy to use and clean. It works the following way: the steam (which is fresh and abundant with this model) is contained in a plastic balloon. Once the balloon filled, you take it out and inhale the steam contained in it.

Several balloons can be filled with just one bowl, which turns out to be quite convenient if you to party with a few friends in your living room. Topping on the cake: even the clumsiest dude will manage to take a drag out of those funky steam filled balloons. It’s fun, approachable and definitely legendary.

The most powerful:  The FlowerPot Vprod (€519, works with weed and any concentrated cannabis products such as hashish, oil etc.)
If the Volcano was to be the grandpa of all indoor vaporizers, the FlowerPot would be its offspring.
To begin with, it’s the first “Twax vaporizer”. Meaning that it can vape oil (or wax, for instance) as dry weed. Making it easy for you to try various combinations for various sensations.

The FlowerPot is an upmarket/high grade model made out of titanium (which explains the price) that delivers a constant stream of hot air filtered of any impurities. This process allows the FlowerPot to bring you a full flavored steam with numerous hits on any chosen cannabis product.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most complex and hard to operate desktop vaporizers. For the real players only.


The Best value/ Best buy. The plenty (€219, for dry weed only) is a mid range vaporizer by Storz and Bickel (the very same company that brought us the Volcano Classic) that comes with a three years warrantee.
This vaporizer is designed to deliver a direct inhalation through a hose… just like Alice’s smoking caterpillar. Easy to use, the Plenty has a wide range of heating temperature (130° to 202° Celsius). The temperature can be set through a thin scow wheel.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the heating process stops. A cool feature that will prevent you from setting your apartment on fire. The steam is of course fabulous (courtesy Storz ansd Bickel) and the machine is as noiseless as it gets. The only downside is its looks, clearly not as posh as the legendary Volcano Classic with its triangular design. Yet, for such a low budget, one can’t complain.


The water friendly. At last but not least, The Vapehale Cloud Evo (€414, for weed only) is the most innovative vaporizer of this selection. Each EVO is equipped with a “PerpetuHeat Thermal”. A technology that automatically adjusts the heating to a person’s inhalation rate, ensuring smooth, rich, and consistent vapor. As you inhale, the air flows past the heater, warms up to your set temperature and then glides through to vaporize your chosen herb or concentrate.

This vaporizer utilizes convection heating technology, which provides superior heating and vaporization when compared to conduction heating.(Most vaporizers utilize conduction heating, which consists of a hot surface that actually kind of chars the herb, leading to that all too common burnt taste). The Vapehale Cloud’s all glass air path delivers pure vapor and enables you to taste full spectrum flavor. Traveling from the glass enclosed heater core to the customized glass mouthpiece, your herb hits your airways as rich, clean, moisture conditioned vapor, cooled to perfection.  Probably the most sophisticated of them all… See it in action here:


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