The Love affair: Music & Cannabis


Music and cannabis share a common history, an ever-growing union of powerful creativity. 

Since the end of the 19th century, Jazz has been one the greatest ambassador of this union.

Louis Armstrong was one of the main icons of the pro-weed movement and he publicly admitted that smoking marijuana helped him to create his music, smoking while he composed or even when he played live. So did Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Bob Marley of course and year after year this phenomenon has expanded to the entire music industry.

Nowadays the cannabis culture is inherently present in the music, and nobody hides it anymore, from the lyrics to the titles, it’s all about the green.

A few examples of our personnal favorites for the road : Manu Chao (Me gusta marijuana, me gustas tu), Gabriel o Pensador (Cachimbo da Paz), Jimmy Hendrix (Purple Haze), Skap (Cannabis), Animal Collective (For Reverend Green), Ray Charles (Let’s go get stoned), Panda Bear (Marijuana makes my day), Tash Sultana (Cigarettes), Nas (Smokin), M.I.A (Paper Planes), Tame Impala (Kevin Parker, the singer, admitted that almost all the songs were written under the effects of cannabis, as well as other psychedelics).

This list being a very small appendix of the reality of the impact of weed culture in music, Zeweed can only invite you to discover more.

There seems to be a direct connection between musical creativity and cannabis, and the results of that connection are, for many songs, undeniably striking. Maybe, just maybe, one could say that cannabis opens doors to a universal feeling of grace. At least Zeweed can say that music without its love affair with weed would much less interesting.

Manuel Chau

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