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Recently, people have been talking more and more about the use of CBD oil and its benefits, that go beyond the usage for human beings. In fact, they are not the only unes that can benefit from this powerful medicine, now animals can benefit from it too.

Biscuits, bones, pet food and oils with cbd have started to been created to administer specifically for animals for the treatment of pain, anxiety and inflammations and many more diseases. However, even though they are already being made, its a subject that hasn’t been put into discussion when we are talking about cannabis for individuals in countries which they are still trying to regulate it and even countries where it is legal but has a difficult access due to the fact that there is no regulation or safe veterinary advisement about the use of cannabis (without THC) for animals. In a study made last year by the Vet school in University of Colorado (USA), with 16 dogs, they verified that the long term effects are lasting and promising. The result was that 89% of the epilepsy crisis were reduced, a problem that affects 6% of dogs all over the world. In the end of last year, it was verified that CBD oil also benefits dogs with osteoarthritis. Being that the sells of medicine with cbd for animals has surpassed 8 million euros, in America. This year, it was made a online inquiry, of 2130 vets, where they were put to test about their knowledge of the use of CBD for the treatment of animals. It was shown that more than a half are comfortable using this as a tool for healing.
However, there is no law that predicts that veterinaries can administer, prescribe or recommend it to its usage. The products are being sold in the market, and there is more and more people buying it, however it is important that people know what they are truly buying. This way, products that are certified and have been analyzed and tested, are the safest options. There is also the option of choosing products that have THC or CBD, however the search for the first one is very low for animals. The “American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” considers that THC is a toxic substance, being opposed to its usage even in very low values. Therefore, CBD is the only safest option and that has been tested for animals. Its effects start manifesting after half an hour and it can be seen truly after one week. However there is also negative effects from its usage, like loss of balance, puking, drible of urine are some of its effects.
In conclusion, having searched and looked through all the studies made and the testimonies of the usage of CBD for animals, we can affirm that with a safe advisement, can be a powerful medicine to improve the quality of life, reducing chronic pain, anxiety and being a good agent fighting against cancer. Although, as there are no laws and the medicine is not recognized in Vet centers as such, it is a risk to be made, even though very little. In truth, there is a need for a bigger research about how CBD can benefit animals and legislation for it to function safely, like there is already for humans.

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