Weeddings ; The trippy marriages.


Las Vegas, sin city, is now open to cannabis smokers. As Business goes, it now hosts the largest stoner’s supermarket in the world called Nuwu. It has over 1500 square metres of products.
Las Vegas is also known for its picturesque weddings with often unforeseen consequences. Last minute weddings, which now have their own herbal clause.Here is a brief guide to Weeddings, to the attention of the future married, voluntarily or not. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

If you are looking for a lightening fast wedding, you can make your way to Cannabis Chapel at 700 East Naples Drive, two steps away from the Hard Rock Café Casino of Vegas. This secular church is open to all smokers since the 5th july 2017, the day of cannabis legalisation in Nevada.
For the small sum of 104 dollars, you could unite in a green setting, accompanied by reggae music. Not the most original music ambiance, but it is also possible to choose your own playlist.
A photo in front of the ‘Welcome to Cannabis’ sign is scheduled with the happy couple, with a bouquet made of hemp silk.
In order for the marriage to be legally viable, a witness is also provided for the married couples who are in a rush, or who wish to stay away from prying eyes.
The fashion of speed weddings has led to the marriages of celebrities like Britney Spears, or more recently Nicolas Cage, who had his marriage annulled after only 24 days.

A story so frequent, that it is definitely engraved in American pop-culture.

We can find this tradition in ‘The Hangover’ in which one of the the characters wakes up married to a stripper. Or in an episode of Family Guy, where this time, the character is stuck with a prostitute after a night of excess. If you are not convinced by this cheap option, a premium version is also available.

For 710 dollars you get a few extras: a limousine tour through town with champagne and nibbles, and an hour of photos with a professional photographer. The ‘red-eye’ filter will never have been more useful.

If you are a bit tired after so much smoking, don’t worry, a night in the 420 suite awaits. Yet another weed friendly room decorated with green plants. Last but not least, you will be given a medical card, reserved to patients who need the benefits of cannabis.
This ‘package’ is even funnier when you think that it is ‘theoretically’ illegal to smoke in hotel rooms in Las Vegas, and ‘theoretically’ doctors are only supposed to prescribe these cards to people who have valid medical needs for cannabis.
In Vice City, it is well known, everything can be bought for the right price. Just watch out to not lose all your money in casinos, a perilous place when you’re too high to play in moderation. The author of this article fondly remembers his stay at the Deauville Casino.

Mike Teevee

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