Meeting Alexandra, a CBD user.


Alexandra started taking CBD at 51 year old. This 100% therapeutic option allows her to live a proper life.

Why do you take CBD?
I came across the option of CBD after a long series of difficulties. I had quite a complex accident where my back and seven vertebrae were fractured. I had to stay at the hospital for one whole year. During that time, I have had five operations in order to set titanium plates in my back. When I got out, I had to take Di-antalvic and other opioids to cope with the pain. When I got older, my meds progressively stopped having any effect on me. When I stopped taking Di-antalvic, I had to replace it with morphine. Morphine is a vicious spiral: the body gets accustomed to its effects – you have to take more and more to kill the pain. In the end, I couldn’t bear the side-effects anymore, nausea, huge addiction, personality loss. My life was upside down, the stuff I used to take care of myself was making me unhealthier.
Nowadays, CBD is relieving my back-pain way better than any other medicines I took before.

How did you come across CBD?
An American friend of mine who I have known for a very long time could see my global state getting worse over time. It happens that her mother is a great concert musician. Since she played a lot, her hand started to fail keeping the rhythm. She then started taking CBD in order to keep playing professionally. This medicine ended up saving her career, so my friend advised me to try it. At the time, she gave me a 10ml flask to try. My first night on CBD was a revelation to me. I hadn’t slept that well in 22 years. Therefore, I naturally kept taking it while gradually getting rid of the morphine and the other painkillers I was on.

Has CBD completely replaced morphine for you?
Completely. I don’t take anything other than CBD anymore.

How often and in which form do you take it ?
I take CBD pills 2 to 4 times a day, which is perfect for me. On the other hand, if I don’t take CBD for a day, the pain will inevitably come back.


With CBD, are you able to lead a normal life?
Exactly: I can go out, drive a car, read books, work and even drink alcohol. I am not addicted to anything and I might even say that my living conditions have improved since I started to take CBD.There’s no doubt about it.

How would you explain CBD to someone who has never taken any?
Mostly, when I give my friends the advise to take CBD, I simply specify that without CBD, I wouldn’t be able to stand for more than 15 minutes. I insist on the fact that there’s no dependency to it, that it is only a type of dietary supplement which has no similar psychoactive effect to Marijuana. It’s a therapeutical product with no negative side-effects.

What is your opinion on the measures taken against the shops which sold CBD in France past summer ?
Those new shops did things badly: they sold THC products and smokable herbs. This confused authorities as well as consumers. CBD is a new answer to people who are dependent to sedatives and other stuff. I think that the fact that it’s not yet legal is diabolical. We should consider the patient’s well-being first. 2g of morphine a day compared to 2 CBD pills makes a great difference, and sadly it’s the worst option that is actually on the market.


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