Daddy, pass the spliff !

2019 is a wonderful year.
While Donal Trump brags about the fact that he would be interested in Ivanka if she was not his daughter, there is a sudden uprising among the American press… This time concerning a photograph of Snoop Dogg smoking a joint with his son Corde Calvin Broadus. The rapper, which is currently one of the greatest icons in the world of weed, has added fuel to the flame by saying that “he was learning with the master”. Therefore, the following simple question is raised: can weed smokers be good parents?

Therefore, the following simple question is raised: can weed smokers be good parents?
I have never had children and I have no intention of having any. Too many responsibilities. Hence, I have always been intrigued by these parents that smoke, fathers and mothers that are cool and have busy lives. Throughout the course of my interviews, there were two ideas that were brought up systematically   in order to bring together the role of the educator and the love for weed:

The safety distance
Lionel,, father of a young child has somewhat reduced his weed consumption. He now only consumes for recreational purposes, when the house is finally quiet. As we share a joint on his balcony, he says: “I do not smoke inside anymore to prevent smoking out the baby.” A safety distance as a barrier, an idea that seems obvious, but that, ironically, has never been respected by the generations of cigarette smokers (my asthma can attest to that).
A precautionary principle that he complements with his personal touch: “I keep mu weed in a hermetically sealed box, out of her reach, I don’t want her to play with it”. As his daughter starts crying, he hands me the rest of the joint to go take care of her.

The critical thinking
The second idea that systematically comes up is the critical thinking.
I have long been one of Thierry’s guests, a friend from Bordeaux, father of three. The oldest of his children is the only one to smoke from time to time, when she is not working on her thesis. The youngest one is a bright kid, with whom I used to play Smash Bros with. He isn’t too interested by cannabis, however, he enjoyed mocking my lack of reflexes when I smoked too much. The absence of any fascination that comes from an exchange free of taboos: “I have always told my kids about everything concerning my consumption, it would not be wise to lie about it. A Corona, a joint and a Star Trek episode is heaven for me, I have no intention of hiding that.”An open exchange that allows the parents to be themselves without falling into a relationship of “parent-friend”.

Coming back to Snoop Dogg, it is important to note that his 18 year-old son has only lit his first joint recently and that he has a formal prohibition of driving under the influence.

I therefore leave the last words to this “disgraceful father”:

My children can do what they like. Telling them the opposite would be absurd. A whole lot of pricks don’t have any relationship with their children, that’s why some kids end up using, having suicidal thoughts and drunk-driving. My son and I enjoy being stoned. I am his father, I want to show him the right way to do it because he admires me.”


Mike Teevee



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