Canada: edible cannabis will make its appearance.


One year after the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes, Canada paves the way to edible products made out of cannabis.

In Canada, progress continues in the marketing of cannabis. After having legalised weed in its natural form, edible THC products will soon be found on shelves. The Canadian government still emphasizes the fact that the marketing of these products will be strictly regulated.

“The amended regulation is the next step in a view to reduce the public health and security risks associated to edible cannabis products, to cannabis extracts and to cannabis (for dermatology purposes) and to overtake the illegal market of these products in Canada”, announced Bill Blair, Minister of Boarder Security and Organised Crime Reduction. According to this new regulation, food and drinks infused with cannabis will not be able to contain more than 10 milligrams of THC, the main psychoactive substance in the plant.

Regarding cannabis extracts and dermatological products, the maximum dose will be 1000 milligrams per packaging.

In order to limit the attractiveness of these products for the youth, authorities have required shop owners to use neutral and difficult packaging. Furthermore, cannabis will be forbidden in products that could appeal to children, such as candy and lollipops. The effects of ingested cannabis is much stronger than smoked cannabis. When you inhale cannabis in the form of smoke or vapour, the components are directly absorbed from your lungs to your blood, which prevents THC to pass through the liver and directs it directly to the brain- which gives you an instant effect, but not as strong. On the contrary, when you ingest cannabis through food or drink, it passes through the digestive system. During the absorption process, THC goes through the liver where it is converted into a much more powerful form.


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