A wildlife park treats animals with CBD.

The team from the wildlife park Out of Africa, a park for the conservation of fauna in Arizona, provides the best possible quality of life to animals under their care. This implies that the medical needs of animals are taken very seriously, including in their day-to-day needs, the cannabis plant… 

The team in charge of this wildlife park promotes conservation by providing exemplary care to the animals. They do so by meeting the animals’ daily needs, in terms of their diet and their breeding, as well as their holistic needs in terms of health and medical care. It is understandable that the park’s veterinaries have committed to caring for their animals with the cannabis plant, particularly with cannabidiol (CBD).

Upon learning that one of their goats, Kasani, had seizures in the middle of the night, the team from Out of Africa was looking for holistic treatments.
Out of Africa was put in touch with Ian Petersen, CEO, founder and creator of Source CBD, who helped them in the process of CBD treatment.

The wildlife park’s team is always confronted with new illnesses. For Appollo, a 54kg albino python (…), a cancerous tumour developed.
After a series of interventions, a large portion of the cancerous mass was removed, however, “it was impossible to extract it entirely from the tissues without removing large portions of muscles”, explains Zack Ala, manager of large reptiles.

In a life or death situation, the team reconnected with Petersen in order to establish a treatment plan. The treatment started in January 2018 and lasted eight weeks, with a dose of 100 mg of CBD administered orally.
Since then, the remaining mass has become harder and has ceased expanding, allowing Apollo to recover entirely.
The medicine is administered by means of a capsule (for horses) containing CBD oil.
The latter is then wrapped in raw chicken.
The  team from Out of Africa ensure a better quality of life for these wild creatures thanks to CBD.

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