Cannabis and sex: a cocktail that needs to be mastered.

For many years, cannabis has been used in different cultures (mainly eastern cultures) as an aphrodisiac.
It is believed that small doses of this green plant would increase the sexual desire, mainly for women, or even to prolong the duration of the erection for men.

In general, the positive effects would make us more sensitive and, therefore, more favourable to give and to receive love. It lubricates relationships, making the couple curious to try out new positions by allowing for more freedom.
The body image is undeniably magnified, giving new and more exciting sensations to the sexual intercourse.
Marijuana can make us open up with our partner in order to communicate better: discussing about what makes us reach orgasm, whether it be for men or for women. Smoking can easily transform these difficult conversations into amusing ones, which, in turn, makes the sexual intercourse seamless and efficient.
However, it has to be acknowledged that it is important to control the dosage when smoking. Any person who smokes too much will be unable to undertake an effective action…

It is advisable to take care in selecting the type of cannabis.
For example, Sativa is known for its ability to contract the muscles, therefore, its ability to last longer. The Indica, however, creates a relaxing effect in the body as well as in the mind.

A study from the University of Stanford School of Medicine (available hereconsulted with 28,176 American women (aged 29.9 in average) and with 22.943 American men (aged 29.5 in average). The researchers asked participants the number of sexual intercourses they had taken part in over the past 4 weeks. They also asked if participants had smoked cannabis over the past 12 months.

The results showed that 24.5% of men and 14.5% of women had reportedly used cannabis, and that there was positive association between the frequency of cannabis use and the frequency of sexual intercourse.

The researchers proved that women who had not smoked over the past 12 moths reported an average frequency of 6 sexual intercourses in the last month, whereas women who had smoked reported an average frequency of 7.1 sexual intercourses.

On the men’s side, those who had not smoked over the past 12 months reported an average of 5.6 sexual intercourses, whereas those who had smoke reported an average of 6.9 sexual intercourse.

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