Stoner’s retrogaming: The Super Nintendo

Today, video games have become epics with hundreds of square kilometres to explore and dozens of objectives to complete. Way too much info to be stoned in peace. With its 16bit graphics and its iconic controller, the Super Nintendo stays as the queen of retrogaming. Here is a little collection of games for stoners:

To play strategically: Earthbound (1994):
If it’s not the most well known role-playing game on the Super Nintendo, it’s definitely the most original. With a very adult sub-text, colourful graphics and a surprising storyline, this game is ideal for a long weekend with spliffs.

For a gigantic brawl: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1995):
This augmented version of the 3rd episode of the series is clearly the most successful with 22 fighter, 16 arenas and a pack of surprises for fans. Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Mortal Kombat without its fatalities. It’s the last of the franchise in 2D, with digitalised captures, real actors and just for that it can’t be missed! It’s gory, it’s funny and it’s the perfect occasion to determine who has to get off the couch to go and get the pizza.

For racing: Rock & Roll Racing (1993):
A racing game that will remind you of the times when you would play with remote control cars. Very 90s, each vehicle has machine-guns, missiles and other weapons to allow you to destroy your opponents that get in your way. You can also incarnate a parody of Batman, a werewolf, an alien, Olaf from Lost Vikings, and lots of surprising and different characters.With it’s Soundtrack being a rock song converted to 16bits it’s the style of game that can be played along or with a friend, listening to covers of Steppenwolf, Deep Purple & Black Sabbath.

For being cute: Yoshi’s Island (1995):
Simply the most beautiful game of the SNES. You play as Yoshi, who carries baby Mario on his back to keep him safe. Thanks to the Fx Chip, it benefits from quality graphics, fakely naïve and stuffed with detail. It is the only game to reach such high quality in this generation of consoles.  It’s also the only game developed by Nintendo, which openly references drugs (when you touch Fuzzies, you have psychedelic hallucinations, which makes the game even more fascinating to play).

To play in arcade mode:  Smash TV (1990):
This game is the hardest of our selection. In this adaptation of a classic of the American arcade floor, you play alone or two player against waves of enemies from an isometric view (from above). Thanks to its very quick gameplay, numerous bonuses and innovative graphics, the game does not fall short because of it’s difficulty. It stays much more fun to play with a friend (even it’s just for one or the other to roll a joint after being atomised by the enemy).

Mike Teeve

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