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Présentation: X-Files: On the frontiers of reality, an American sci-fi television series created by Chris Carter. The original series includes 9 seasons and 218 episodes, which are always approximately 40 minutes long. Two other seasons were launched in 2016, but were not as good.

The series presents various investigations led by special FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny, also known for the series Californication) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, who we also find in Hannibal), on unresolved cases around paranormal phenomena.  Fox is the most obsessional out of the two, his thirst for paranormal events being linked to the hope of finding his missing sister.  Scully is much more pragmatic thanks to her medical training and an unwavering will to rationalise the inexplicable.

Why you should watch High: Thanks to the association of X-Files and Cannabis, you will finally be able to go beyond reality. It’s the opportunity to discover the reality that hides behind the Reptilo-illuminati conspiracy. Jokes aside, we have all had these moments of paranoia after a slightly big joint. It is a common adverse effect, so might as well get high in good company.  X-Files is a series that has frightening moments, but they are outweighed by the chemistry between the two main characters who have very clear-cut personality traits. We are always more intrigued by their search for truth rather than stressed by the atmosphere.  The mix between investigations and paranormal events works really well on a rainy day for smoking. It is more appreciated than a series such as Lost (notoriously convoluted) thanks to its independent episodes.

The iconic moment: The man with the cigarette (Season 4 episode 7) This episode is the biography of one of the most dangerous and mysterious characters of the series: the man with the cigarette.  The genius of this episode is to portray facts which are voluntarily truncated.  The truth, which is a scarce commodity, is hidden in between these stories narrated by this eponymous character.

Last words: Thanks to its myriad of secondary characters and its monsters from the contemporary imagination, X-Files paints the portrait of an America undergoing tremendous change, which is seeking to understand the surrounding world using pop culture. The main theme of the series “The truth is elsewhere” conveys the message that there is a big part of this world that is hidden from us.It is a fact that is not contested by Edward Snowden, the exiled whistle-blower, nor is it contested by Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks) who is about to be trialled in the United States.

Mike Teeve


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