Top 5 Cannabis Strains To Grow at Home


When it comes to selecting which cannabis seeds to grow, things can get tricky! With so much choice, many growers are left indecisive. If you’re finding it hard to choose, check out our list of the top 5 varieties to grow at home below! Here you’ll find legendary genetics, including Northern Light Automatic and Green Gelato. Expect nothing but high potency, great flavours, and superb yields!

Northern Light Automatic

This fast-growing strain combines the powerful genetics of Northern Light with the rapid growth of Cannabis ruderalis. After placing seeds in the soil, prepare to harvest her beautiful green-blue flowers within 10–12 weeks.
THC level of Northern Light Automatic it’s 14%, and offers a mellow physical high perfect for lazy afternoons and evenings. Enjoy her delicious terpenes that provide tastes of citrus, earth, fruits, pepper, and pine. Her medium height of 80–120cm indoors makes her ideal for stealthy growing operations.

The classic Northern Light… in a couple of month.

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Cookies Gelato

As her name suggests, Cookies Gelato offers mouth-watering terpenes. She inherited her insane taste from equally delicious parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33. Enjoy her flavours of earth, fruit, and mint, but try not to get carried away.
Her massive THC content of 28% hits like a truck and sends the mind to the moon. Prepare yourself for a long-lasting high that inspires the mind while plunging the body into a deeply relaxed state.

Meet Gelato 33 & Girl Scout Cookies’s offspring: the amazing Cookies Gelato

Green Gelato

Green Gelato pairs an intense high with a seemingly unreal terpene profile. After loading a bong or blunt, you’ll experience waves of vanilla, mint, and citrus roll over your tongue. Shortly after, a THC level of 27% will light up your cannabinoid receptors and induce a well-rounded high.
Colours become brighter and music sounds more pleasant as the stimulating effects take hold of your mind. Light up these flowers during the day to stay productive, engaged, and creative. Just take things one toke at a time to avoid overdoing things!

Green Gelato: A classic of America’s finest weed

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White Widow Automatic

This quick and easy auto flowering strain descends from cannabis royalty. Known all over the weed world for decades, the original White Widow stems from Brazilian and Indian landrace genetics.
After crossing her with Cannabis ruderalis, breeders created a faster variety that produces more mellow effects. Indoor plants grow to 40–80cm and are perfect for clandestine setups. Grow this earthy strain within converted computer towers or buckets for maximum stealth. After hitting these buds, expect a balanced body–mind high that pulls the self into the present moment.

White Widow automatic: a perfect strain harvested in a couple of month

Purple Queen Automatic

Are you ready to get euphoric? Not only does Purple Queen Automatic produce stunning purple buds, but she elevates the mind to a place of peace and pleasure. Her indica-dominant genetic profile and THC level of 16% converge to create a relaxing and enjoyable high perfect for days spent out in nature.
Blaze these buds in the forest or at the beach to really tap into your surroundings and feel grateful to simply be alive. Delicious flavours of citrus and large yields of 350–400g/m² are huge bonuses when growing this cultivar.

Kick back, relax and enjoy Purple Queen’s magic in 9 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest.

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