The Zeweed Test. What is my ganja ?


Indica, sativa or hybrid?

Seven questions to find out.

In general, you are:

-On the ball, full of energy and always in the moment.

-Relaxed-Zen: easy going in the morning, not too quickly for the afternoon, relaxed in the evening.

-Relaxed or over-speedy, it depends on the day and the circumstances. §§

The weekend or the evenings be like:

-Couch-surfing, good film or cool documentary, hugs with your sweetheart, bong and bedtime.

-Diner, drinks and spliffs at a friends’. Reshaping the World (or what’s left of it) until 2 :00 in the morning.

-With your three best friends, ‘flying high around the coffee table’ night, laughing out loud in front of ‘The Cabbage Soup’. §§

Holidays are:

-Travel with an open return.

-On a sunbed with a good book.

-Unforgettable nights with your best friends. §§

When you buy weed it’s:

-For relaxing, forgetting about the long day, ordering food and chilling in front of your favourite show of the moment.

-For taking out your guitar, your paintbrushes, your lawnmower or your secateurs, or even your macbook to elaborate the next Pulitzer. Whatever, as long as you are making the most of your ganja boost.

-To smoke it, then we’ll see. §§

In a conversation:

-You participate as much as others.

-You started the conversation.

-What conversation? §§

You estimate that you are:

-More of a cerebral

-More physical

-A bit of both §§

People close to you say that you are:


-Should move around more

-Bipolar §§

Majority of

You are an indica-stoner!

You seek a relaxing and smooth high, an appeasing effect on the body, why not a bit sedative. Perfect for calmly contemplating.

The Zeweed picks: Kush, Northern Light, RoyalCookies.

Majority of

You are a sativa lover!

For you, cannabis is festive, an instrument of conviviality and for generating ideas.

You seek a more cerebral high, to push for psychedelic creativities.

The Zeweed picks: Dutch Passion, Amnesia, Girl Scout Cookies.

Majority of §§

You are a hybrid-smoker!

For you, a weed must be able to relax you without making you lazy, make you feel up without making you paranoid. The dream. Indeed, in the large family of hybrids, the choice is as vast as the spectrum of their effects, depending on how they are constituted. It is therefore a case of having to taste.

The Zeweed picks: Super Lemon Haze, Cheesy Candy, AK 47

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