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“lamariejeanne” (or “themaryjane” in english) is a French start-up launched by three friends with the express intent to bring quality hemp to the masses..
Their website “” offers a wide variety of collectible hemps (with less than 0.2 percent of THC) and CBD oils. The front-page sets the tone with a proud “Liberty, Legality, Fraternity”, this a Citizens’ initiative. We met Thomas Nicod, Evgeny Golosov and Guennadiy Vasiliev on the terrace of a Parisian micro-brewery. Focus on a trio of cutting-edge Patriots. 

To them CBD is first and foremost a lifestyle. They attended Pro-Cannabis march in Paris and to this day still openly plead for the plant’s legalization in a medical context. When the CBD flower was first introduced in the Cannabis market in 2015 Evgeny had already been following the news concerning the molecule for 3 years. His two fellows got introduced through him to the commercial and qualitative aspects of CBD hemp. They saw the raw potential of the product and after thinking about it for a year they started travelling in Europe to meet suppliers and expand their knowledge. After a year of research, preparation and hard work the friends launched in August 2018. The concept? Collectible Hemp, events and collabs. Their hemps are called “La Marie Curie”, “L’Olympe de Gouges” or “La Louise Michel” (all famous female historical figures).

A feminist dimension they actively claim as explained by Thomas: “We’re a product of our times. The feminist struggle is very topical and we’re invested in it. There’s also a link to the female nature of the plant […] We thought the symbolism was interesting but also that famous female figures weren’t advertised enough.”



They promote rappers like B.e.labeu (a wordplay on weed in french slang) or j.b.w.d and collectives like PinkyPimp and Me-Tech they support and book in their events. They also recently collaborated with a street artist: Bebar. He designed the label for a new variety they launched, the Pink Dracula. “It’s always about the art we have soft spot for” says Thomas, “We let them as free as possible so they can create without bounds” adds Evegeny. They want to create a community based around inclusive and caring values. The musicians they book are people they like listening to and -of course- hemp enthusiasts.


It is obvious when you interview them that they planned every single detail, even the marketing: their hemps are contained in trendy glass containers “For esthetic reason but also for ecological reasons […] It is vital to make reusable packagings” sums up Guennadiy, “and it makes it a proper art piece”. 

The shirt they designed pictures a Cannabis flower in a golden frame with the slogan:”This is not a drug”. The tone is set. They are very open about their position but stay careful for legal reasons. As they should, given the story they tell me: the first parisian CBD shop closed mainly because its owner was “too outspoken about the medical benefits” of the product, “you’re not free to say whatever you want to” explains Guennadiy.

The penalties for those who encourage the consumption of products are still very severe to this day. It’s the reason their CBD hemps are “Collectibles” and not recommended for consumption.

They studied law for a long time in order to know the limits they could safely work in.
A juridic blur that echoes the struggle of the french hemp farmers in the region of Creuse. They have to burn every single flower in order to conform French legislation despite a much more understanding European legislation.

A paradox given the French expertise on Hemp that could, according to the entrepreneurs, be a important player in a global market. “There’s a huge need for education in order to help things move” comments Thomas, “It’s also about smoking better”. Despite having no idea what the future holds they still prepare for a possible legalization. “It’s our project” they joke (this is a reference to the speech given on the day of his election by the French President Emmanuel Macron)
Instagram: lamariejeanne

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