Royal Queen Seeds Magazine: Your summer reading for a very special fall.


Royal Queen Seeds, royalty of European seed banks, has just released its first magazine. Where a breeder’s guide for an organic weed is to be discovered, as a complete outdoor tutorial and RQS’s latest brew. An issue that would turn anyone into a Ganja Jedi in 48 pages.


It would be euphemistic to say that Covid-19 has been a game changer. A societal shift that also applies to the cannabis trade, as consumers are more and more attracted by local distributers, much more reliable than sprawling networks involving cars or shipping containers going the distance, from one country to another.
New production networks which often distribute premium weed for the same price. Those nearby networks can also be as close as it gets: we are now talking homegrowing (given that this type of gardening activity is legal in your country. We’d hate the idea of making a world class gangster and drug lord out of you …).
A new home growing  paradigm that has been fully acknowledged by Royal Queen Seed (RQS), leading the team to launch a magazine in order to preach the good word and convert the common foot stoner to the concept of weed autarky.

Among the articles, we strongly recommend the Joidi Ganjah Zone interview, and his advices to produce a 100% organic weed (as a cool echo to our article published April 20th  (« Pénurie Guérilla S01 E03: le guide Homegrowing pour une weed 100% bio et 100% Earth friendly »), a very nice piece on the 19th century Hashish club, which completes ours published on the same theme in 2018 and another on weed and sport, little brother of our  « cannabis et sport : just do it ». This is where great (smoked) minds meet.
In a lovely square-back magazine,  advices to grow a nice outdoor culture this summer are to be found and not lightly, just to make sure you’ll be fully geared up when (spoiler alert) the second Covid-19 wave hits, and the very likely lockdown that should follow…
And of course, a very sexy selection of new European and US seeds from RQS.
The biennial publication is available in digital format here.

The next issue to be published this fall should be (seasons…)  all about indoor culture.

Happy reading,
Keep on growing !

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