Karma papers: vitamin enhanced rolling paper!


Is it because of the « couch-lock » effect of some weed varieties or in order to get rid of the syndrome of low motivation that too many Ganja enthusiasts experience through their consumption that Vet and Chetna, the Indians partners-entrepreneurs had the idea of producing energizing rolling paper ?

On a classic rolling paper, the sticky strip is, at best, made of natural arabic gum, and more typically of a chemical substance. It is on that 100% organic and natural arabic gum that the two Karma founders had the idea… Vitamins!! With one lick, you will instantly get a dose of vitamins A/B1/B3/B6 and C, iron, calcium and even plant proteins! Regarding recommended daily intakes, you would still have to roll about twenty joints before getting the right amount of those vitamins and micro-nutrients…

Verdict : Even though karma papers wont make you healthy enough to run a marathon, you will still get to have a laugh with your friends so it should still be great for yours abs.

Karma Rolling Papers
100 long papers, 1,20€
available on www.karmafrance.com



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