It is important to smoke at the right time


Soft is the sound of the paper that crumbles with the crackling of the first taste. Smoking a joint has never been so simple. The wind of effects pervades our brain, all that’s left is to enjoy a journey without needing to move.

It is an act that deserves more and more thought, increasing with age. Even if the effects stay the same, our body grows and, therefore, increases in weight.
Indeed, we are 24 years old and fully grown but our capacity to endure working days or the day following a long night is not the same. Every night is a race against time to catch up on a handful of nanoseconds of sleep. Being young is tiring.

It is therefore important, according to the most elementary logic, to issue a statement if we want a rhythmic and well-ordered life.
Humbly, here is our popular wisdom that points out some moments when it would be sound to not be tempted by our favourite plant.

Eliminating the one in the morning is probably the best thing you can do.
The “wake and bake” is a moment of bewilderment in our sea of bedsheets where, not feeling like doing anything, the desire to roll one persists.

Our brain hardly has the opportunity to be filled with wonder by the birth of a new day that the mist of THC makes it wear the dark funeral dress. As subtle as morphine, this morning joint will numb you and will prevent you from accomplishing the first duty of your morning routine: getting out of bed.

The joint from boozy evenings is not your friend. It is like a walk on the wire of unconsciousness. If the proportions are poorly mastered, drunkenness will have a taste of weakness as well as everything that follows. We walk in the footsteps of a foolish person stuttering to the silly speech, unable to transmit any sort of reflexion.
Smoking before sleeping is not a good idea. It is like sleeping in a cloud without a sky, like a night without a dream. Indeed, it may be easier to fall asleep, but it will not be a restorative rest nonetheless. The following morning, once awake, it is like a fog that has intruded your thoughts.

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