Cannabis and sleep : smoking to dream less


Many consumers smoke cannabis in the hope of sleeping better. It is true that that it eases falling asleep but it makes the dreams progessively disappear.

It is natural to precise that sleeping the the most reparing status for our organism. It is essential to repare from our days as when sleeping hours are reduced, the body naturally tries to get them back in the next resting session. Our sleep can be divided in three dirfferent phases ; light, deep and paradoxal sleep. During the night we progress through those steps in a cyclic way and each cycle lasts 90 minutes. An average man will go through this cycle 4 to 5 times per night. The paradoxal sleep is where most of our dreams happen.


Scientifically cannabis has complex effects on sleep as it is a psychotropic drug acting on the brain and many consumers use it to fall asleep easier because of its anxiolitic effects.

A study published in 1975 in the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics that the THC would diminish paradoxal sleep and enhance deep sleep. The Dr Hans Hamburger, neurologist, sleep specialist and head of the Sleeping Research Center in Luxembourg reminds us that ; «dreaming also helps to process the many impressions and images of the day, smoking deletes this function too». 

Then why are dreams so realistic and intense when we stop smoking ?
It is called the rebound effect, in others words when you stop taking a drug that blocks certain phenomenons, these come back much more intensively during the weaning.



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