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Boom Festival is a biennial portuguese festival in Idanha-a-Nova happening since 1997, that gathers people from all over the world during 8 days of music (psychedelic, trance, electronic, chill out and world music), conscious activities like meditation, yoga, sacred cacau cerimonies and even having documentaries and masterclasses.

Beyond these practices, the respect and care of nature is one of the main principles of the festival, the harmony of being together with the surroundings. BoomLand could actually be, in an idealist way, turned into a Eco Village.

As ambassadors of the Festival— entities that sell the tickets — the main ones are Growshops.

These growshops are physical stores but also existing online, that sell indoor and outdoor growing supplies for cannabis. You can find lightning items, cannabis products such as drinks, foods, cosmetics or health related products.

However, in Portugal, cannabis can be grown in a household but can not be sold, neither the seeds. Which makes the access harder and not as trustworthy as having it legalized and as well as being seen as a “drug” and not a plant medicine.

The growshop that partners up with Boom Festival is “Loja da Maria” which exists in Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra and Caldas da Rainha. “The Art of Joint” was the first growshop store ever opening in Portugal, although now there are many stores spread across the country like “Planeta Sensi” and “Big Buds”. There has been an increase of number of stores throughout the years that facilitate the access to the alternative of growing cannabis in your own home and have been making the culture of cannabis, step by step, closer and easier to have to everyone in Portugal.oping hemp in the national and international market.

Manuel Chau

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