A Personal Guide To Getting High And Having Great Sex



Whether you like it rough, gentle, kinky, vanilla, gay, straight or over the phone, we all have one thing in common; we want our sex to be AMAZING. And if you use cannabis, you’ve likely already experimented with it between the sheets. 

Unfortunately, getting high and getting laid isn’t always as great as it sounds. For some people, cannabis can produce side effects that definitely don’t belong in the bedroom (paranoid penetration, anyone?).
However, there are also many ways in which cannabis can enhance sex. In this article, I’m going to walk you through my tips on using weed in the bedroom, most of which I’ve learned the hard way.

Disclaimer: I’m not a sex therapist nor a doctor. I’m just a guy who enjoys weed and sex.

Know Your Body 

Cannabis is a really complex plant that affects all of us differently. In my years of smoking, vaping, and eating weed, I’ve found that the golden rule to getting high and having a good time (both in and out of the bedroom) is knowing my own body. Many people find cannabis helps them relieve stress and anxiety, for example. I’m the complete opposite; if I’m particularly stressed or anxious, getting high will only amplify those feelings. If I’m in a good state of mind, however, weed can boost my mood, calm me down, and help me relax.

Hence, I already know that weed won’t magically make me horny if I’ve got a lot on my mind. However, I also know that when I’m in the mood, cannabis can intensify my feelings of pleasure and get me more in tune with myself and my partner. If you want to get high and have great sex, it’s key you understand how weed affects your body first. 

Know Your Partner 

It takes 2 people (or more) to have sex. So, while it’s important to understand how weed affects your sexuality, it’s just as important to know how it affects your sexual partner/s. For some people, weed is a great ice-breaker, helping them let down their guard and leave behind some of their inhibitions. For others, it might raise those inhibitions when they’re with someone new but intensify the way they connect with someone they’re familiar with. 

Communication is really key here (and anytime you’re trying to have great sex). If you want to bring weed into the bedroom, communicate with your partner/s about it first to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Know Your Weed

Weed can vary really dramatically, especially if you live in an area where it is still illegal and unregulated. Hence, whenever you plan on getting high and having sex, make sure you know what you’re toking on before bringing it into bed. In general, I enjoy balanced cannabis strains that aren’t too cerebral or overly physical. A super intense cerebral high can sometimes kick my mind into overdrive, while a hard-hitting body stone is more likely to send me to sleep than get me hard.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where cannabis is sold legally, talk to a budtender to find a strain that delivers the effects you’re looking for. If weed is still illegal where you live, always try a new strain on its own before trying to pair it with sex. 

Know Your Dose

I’m a one-hit-wonder kind of guy; one or two tokes from a joint is just enough to help me feel relaxed, focused, and positive. If you want to get high and have great sex, know your dose and stick to it. 

Don’t Get Hung Up On Smoking

The way we use and enjoy cannabis is changing drastically. Today, there are many different ways you can introduce cannabis into your sex life without smoking.  “It doesn’t have to be psychoactive,” explains Ashley Manta, a sex educator and “cannasexual,” in an interview with VICE. “THC is a vasodilator, which means it brings more blood flow to the area,” she says. THC lubricants, therefore, can help both men and women stimulate arousal, increase physical sensation, and increase natural lubrication. 

Edibles can be another great way to enjoy cannabis in the bedroom, offering a slower, more gradual onset and longer-lasting effects than a joint or vape. Unfortunately, due to cannabis policies and the extremely subjective nature of sex, there’s hardly any decent scientific research into how the 2 overlap. Hence, it’s really up to you to experiment with cannabis in its many different forms and find something that works best for you and your partner/s.

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